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Dear Chef Carlton, I wish to congratulate you on your amazing hot sauces. I tried both the mango pepper and the island fire. The mango pepper is simply addictive, the mixture of pepper and mangos is a marriage in heaven . As for the island fire, what I truly enjoy is that despite being very hot, it is not at the cost of excellent flavour. Best of all your product is all natural and low in sodium. I wish you continued success with your business.


All the sauces are great but my personal favourite
is the “Mango Pepper Sauce” . The flavour of this sauce is truly unique…the
perfect marriage of spices and just the right amount of heat. This sauce IS THE BOSS

Craig- Orleans, ON

strong WOW, Island Fire is fantastic!
I use it every day, and it has become my go-to sauce. I have been buying and using hot sauce for over 30 years, and I must have near 5 different types, either on the go, or in my collection Island Fire is by far the best, bar none, I have every tasted, fantastic flavor.Island Spiced sauces are the best I have ever tasted.

Kevin Willey–Ottawa, On

I worked for Air Canada for 25 years and have tried many sauces in the
Caribbean…..anyone who has not tried these sauces has done themselves a great
“disservice” …. they are definitely worthy of being World Class.  I wish you the
best of luck with your marketing.

Alan Way-Toronto, On

My husband and I fell in love with Jamaica last year
and we want to go back!! Chef Carlton ‘s sauces take us back over and over again!!
We love them as much as Jamaica! Everytime we see their booth we load up on spices
and sauces!! They are INCREDIBLE!!!

Lesley – Toronto, ON

We bought the pineapple papaya, ginger hot sauce. It’s absolutely amazing. The heat is perfect and the combination of flavors is really out of this world. I’m putting it on everything. I hope to see you again at the Cottage show to buy some more sauces. Thank you, Chef Carlton.


I’m not a Spicy fan, so I decided to try the Citrus Rub. A fisherman brought some Grouper in to be cooked and I used the Citrus Rub. They couldn’t believe how flavorful it was I recommended it and gave them your site….

Chef  Wayne, The Hamptons

I got a bottle of the mild sauce . Far superior to the commercially produced sauces sold in the supermarkets. Always happy to support local merchants especially when they sell quality at a fair price.
Dave in Ottawa

I have been looking for a good jerk sauce and I must say this is one of the best I have ever tasted.
Sue Ottawa Ontario

I received Chef Carlton’s mango pepper sauce as a Christmas gift. There is a nice balance of flavours , the hot pepper does not over power the sweetness of the mango.
Valerie New York City

The hot sauce is very good, its hot and very flavourful. Very tasty hot sauce.
James Ottawa Ontario

From the first time I tried it on a cracker to now
putting it on burgers, hot dog’s, chilli, and pizzas, I use it on just about
anything. Making it one of my favourite condiments.
Jake – Vars ON.

I’ve never tasted so many flavours as I have in
Chef Carlton’s hot sauce. I like that you can taste the onion, garlic as well as the peppers. Good work, keep it hot!
Kaleigh Orleans ON.

I’m a big fan of Jerk chicken and recently tried
the Island Spiced Jerk Sauce……Wooo, SPI-CY!!!! And fantastic!!!
I’ll be buying (and recommending!) this again that’s for sure!!!
Jenni – Gatineau, QU

Loved the garlic red pepper sauce. I marinate pork tenderloin with a couple of tablespoons before roasting it and always get huge complimentsfrom my dinner guests–in fact, now I’m getting request for “thatspicy pork you cooked last time.”

 WOW! Just had some Hot & Spicy  Jerk Sauce with my chicken and I must say I have never tasted anything quite so intense in flavor and heat. It was quite a culinary experience. I will definitely recommend your products to my clients.
Chef Ian, The Ottawa Valley.

If you like HOT, you have to try the “Island Fire Hot Sauce”. This stuff makes the hot sauce you find in regular stores taste like ketchup!  Sample it and the entire line of their great sauces at the Ottawa Home Show. 
Tony – Ottawa, ON

I bought some sauces at the Bluesfest just as it was closing up the first night and wow, SOOOO glad I stopped. Picked up 3 bottles and its already time to go out and buy more, that’s what made me come to the site. Now that I know where to buy them locally I’ll be re-stocking on my lunch hour as well as getting a few bottles for others. Fav is the Jerk marinade and the island fire
hot. Also glad there made local and I can support local:)

I was just recently introduced to the Rum BBQ Sauce and I have to say it is one of the best sauces I have ever tasted. Full of flavor and quite addictive! That’s why I have come to the site to find out where to buy more of it and to try a few new ones! I will definitely recommend this to my friends and very happy to support local merchants with such quality products.
Tracy – Ottawa ON

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I enjoy your sauces. The habanero sauce with my 3
egg omelettes make my day. I’ll try the garlic pepper this morning.
I’m not eating out half as much due to the fact restaurant food is way to salty and
I end up dehydrated. Low to no sodium in your concoctions is the way to go! People can add salt on their
own. I buy your products at Farm Boy. Great web page.Keep the sodium low. I’m hooked.
Anthony Sinn – Ottawa

Just want to write a quick note about your jerk
marinade. It is by far the best I have ever tasted for jerk sauce out of a bottle.
My wife bought it for me at a trade show in Toronto. Thank God you have mail order
because we are moving to Victoria. When we get settled, you can expect an order from
David – Victoria BC

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