Rum Pineapple and Papaya Glazed Chicken

admin, May 5, 2009

3 8oz chicken breast
4 Tablespoon  Island Spiced Hot Sauce
2 Stalks Scallion Minced
1 Tbsp. Ginger Minced
2 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro
1/4 Cup Dark Rum
1/2 Cup Fresh Pineapple Crushed
1/2 Cup Ripe Papaya Crushed
3 Tbsp Oil
2 Tsp Salt

Make marinade by combining 1 tbsp. Chef Carlton’s Island Spiced hot/mild sauce, cilantro, oil, ginger and scallion. Rub into chicken and mix well, set aside for 30 minutes to 24 hrs. To make glaze combine remaining hot sauce, rum,honey, pineapple, papaya and a bit of salt to taste. Grill or bake chicken when chicken is half way done brush with hot sauce and fruit mixture continuously until done.
Serves 3


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