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Island Spiced Hot Sauces Are All About Flavour And Taste. Try One Of Our Palate Pleasing Gourmet Island Spiced Hot Sauces.


Island Spiced Roasted Pepper Habanero
Island Spiced Rum BBQ Sauce
Island Spiced Hot Sauce
Island Spiced Jerk Sauce
Island Spiced Mango Pepper Sauce
Island Spiced Roasted Garlic Pepper Sauce
Island Spiced Pineapple Papaya Ginger Sauce
Island Fire Hot Sauce

Island Spiced hot sauces are all about flavour and taste. These sauces are not just hot they are hot and flavourful. Our hot sauces are all about flavour, these sauces are well balanced with flavour  and heat.yel_pep Island Spiced sauces are made with the finest selection  scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, fresh and quality ingredients for that true island taste. You will taste the difference. The use of scotch bonnet peppers gives  Island Spiced Hot Sauces  sauces its distinct island taste.  Our sauces are very versatile all purpose sauces that can be used in a variety of dishes including marinades, stir-fries, glazes ,and as a flavour builder. Spice up your palate with just one drop

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